Colour like no other

A world without colour? Unimaginable. At Cranfield, our aim is to fill your life with spectacular hues. Which is why, for three generations, we’ve used a time-honoured dry-colour process to create our inks and paints.

Designed by craftspeople for craftspeople, our products are served up with an equally vibrant service and attitude. The results have inspired artists the world over – providing them with colours that last so their reputation does too.


Michael Craine | Managing Director and third generation colourman

Express yourself

However you like to express your creativity we have the broadest range, the paints, the inks and the ancillaries to inspire you.

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Artists’ Spotlight

Some of today’s most exciting artists and printmakers choose our colours. Meet them here and find out more.

Colourful stories

A colourful world of inspiration, insights and information

Thursday 5th May 2016

Who Burnt the Umber?

Sometimes when walking through the factory, a colour will catch …

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Thursday 24th March 2016

Cadmium pigments saved

We are delighted to inform you that the European Commission yesterday …

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Thursday 24th March 2016

Colourful memories from George Craine

On completion of compulsory National Service in 1951, I worked …

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Wednesday 23rd March 2016

White with a hint of …j’accuse!

I’ve worked in the world of colour for 27 …

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Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Here’s How An Artist With Synesthesia “Sees” Famous Songs

Is it possible to taste colours?
Synesthesia is a very …

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Here to help

Whether you’re a fine-art printmaker, an artist, a retailer or just want to know more about our colours, we’d love to hear from you. Our open and friendly team are on hand to tackle any paint and ink challenges you may encounter.

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