OUR new Technical Manager – anyone YOU know?…

Looking to take the business into new markets, develop new products and build on recent growth, we need someone who wants to get stuck in as our Technical Manager. The career progression includes opportunities for personal development, travel and a path towards senior management. 


You may not necessarily have experience in the particular field of Artists’ Paints and Printmaking Inks, but you will be able to learn quickly, have great organisational skills, be cool headed when multi-tasking and have previous experience of responsibility. Education and an aptitude for Chemistry, science or engineering would be a helpful platform.

You will be the kind of person who’s highly organised, trustworthy and looking forward to a job that will grow as you take on new responsibilities over time. These tasks need to be combined with the flexibility and enthusiasm to receive visitors to the factory along with the skills required to motivate, appraise and occasionally discipline staff and give presentations to customers and stake-holders.

You will be skilled on standard office software and able to learn both SAGE and other bespoke packages. Given the nature of this role, you must have a keen eye for detail to be able to work under pressure accurately.

The Role:

On a day to day basis, you will share responsibility for ensuring all technical and quality systems run smoothly. It’s an interesting factory environment of ink & paint mills and mixers, a QA lab and a small but committed team of production staff. You will be dealing with many of our suppliers and customers by telephone, email and through planned customer visits. You will work closely with our Commercial & Managing Directors and will receive training so that you can confidently work with production colleagues, customers and suppliers alike. You will be calm and competent in managing the challenges presented by any manufacturing environment. This will require you to fully understand our products and methods of manufacture. You will be happy to represent the company by attending product fairs, customer visits and technical meetings in the UK and overseas. With the support of an external consultant, you will play your part in ensuring we are in step with Health & Safety regulations and our products are compliant with relevant current legislation. You will be responsible for the administration required to maintain international quality standards applied to our products.

The Future

We’re expanding our markets and product range, and alongside the day to day responsibilities in the factory, the ideal candidate, (together with other staff) will assist in taking on new roles within the organisation, nurturing new business leads and developing existing relationships. We expect the candidate to bring ideas and energy to the conversation.


We offer a competitive starting salary depending on experience and the chance to work with a great bunch of colleagues in a colourful and interesting industry.

So what to do about it?

We’re using social media channels to get the message out as we believe ‘someone will know someone’ for whom this will be the perfect job! We’re going steady and taking our time as we are determined to get it right and have set a closing date of Friday 27th of April. Those interested should contact us at recruitment@cranfield-colours.co.uk with a CV and covering letter. The same address can be used for questions too.

 A full UK driving licence is required and as our customer base includes the USA, candidates must not have a criminal record that would prevent an ESTA being granted.

Here to help

Whether you’re a fine-art printmaker, an artist, a retailer or just want to know more about our colours, we’d love to hear from you. Our open and friendly team are on hand to tackle any paint and ink challenges you may encounter.

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