I seem to remember an ‘urban myth’ from my youth suggesting that if everyone in China jumped off a chair at the same moment, something significant would happen. Regrettably, I can’t remember what!

The art world is largely made up of individual artists working alone, but together (when we all jump at the same time) we can make quite an impact. This was most recently and spectacularly demonstrated when the team at Cranfield / Spectrum (with the help of Artist & Illustrator magazine) issued a call-to-arms and galvanised a concerted and ultimately successful campaign to overturn a ill-founded plan by the EU to ban cadmium pigments in artists’ paints.

Following that tremendous result, the team at Cranfield suggested to fellow paint and ink makers in the European Artists’ Colours Association that we should have a permanent web presence to share matters of mutual concern and to be a permanent platform should we ever need to enlist the rapid and vocal support of the art community once again!

So make a note of the address and should we hear that there are plans afoot to ban all blues, outlaw ink in tins or squash paint in tubes… we will be shouting about it and now you know where to look!