A year on, what was that re-branding business all about?

At the time, many of you encouraged us with your warm approval, but now it’s exactly a year since the launch of the new website, complete with videos and examples of our ‘new’ label designs..

..but with years of tradition, experience and pride combined with more than a little inertia, my colleagues and I found the prospect of pulling together our respected brands under one easily identifiable umbrella a frightening prospect. But the decision to bring Spectrum paints, Caligo Safe wash Inks and Cranfield traditional and water based inks under the Cranfield banner was made easier when researched confirmed that some multi-disciplined artists used all product lines, without any idea Cranfield made them all!

Working with designers at FB Creative, we were so pleased to retain the Caligo butterfly, albeit in a new form and to have made our wider family of paint products more obviously from the same stable. At the same time the make-over of our traditional inks gives clear identity to each printmaking discipline: lithography, letterpress, etching and relief – whilst showing them to be close family.

In the end, this re-branding business turned out to be a lot more enjoyable than we thought and led to many conversations, much reminiscing, far too much laughter and a sense of pride that our values of quality and service have been preserved, albeit in a new form. Thanks Frazer Buxton and the team at FB Creative. We may never really understand the terminology and techniques of you designers, but you managed to work with us without compromising our dignity!