Whilst I like to think we are less obscure than ‘The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention’ or ‘The Association of Renaissance historical re-enactment’, as trade bodies go, the ‘European Artists’ Colour Association’ will never be big enough to sponsor the World Cup…. Nonetheless for its 20+ members the EuACA remains a hugely positive influence, to the benefit of members and the thousands of artists who use our products.

‘Who you know’ matters in every sector and industry, and the wonderful permanent staff at our association headquarters in Nieuwenhuyse Brussels know almost everyone!

Through sensible, informed and competent negotiation and input with regulators (often when future legislation is in its infancy), the EuACA team can relate in practical terms how artists handle and use art products, and how this might be reflected in legislation as it takes shape.

We meet several times a year to discuss shared technical issues, consider raw material changes and shortages and to discuss topics such as training and education. Continued education and development is crucial in the art world and EuACA members share experiences and endeavour to learn from the initiatives in other geographical including the USA. Ultimately all our members seek to produce quality products with control of both raw materials and manufacturing methods. By this route, artists can be assured that materials made by EuACA members are both safe and sustainable.

One of the ongoing aims of the association in recent months has been to define and promote ‘Best Practices’ in the use and handling of Artists colours and the disposal of any waste paints and studio materials. Evidence supports the ‘common sense’ view that the bulk of artists’ paints leave the studio on canvas or paper, but providing guidance on the safe handling, cleaning, use and disposal of artists colours has met a need and chimed with a generally growing desire to show environmental care and to avoid wastage of high price professional materials amongst artists at all levels, whether they be professionals, schools, colleges or hobby artists.

And finally, not only do members have access to information about updates in the industry, they can also play a large role in determining these changes. The EuACA provides a forum for members to share ideas and develop new ways to improve the life of Artists’ who use our products. Aside from all of the professional benefits, our meetings also provide an opportunity for members to build friendships and personal relationships that can last a lifetime.

Our Association chairman with two other eminent CEPE members are pictured below looking for inspiration for a range of merchandised sun hats at our recent meeting in Seville in Spain so watch this space…