Not all internships work, but some do….very well

With a bewildering array of internships now available, not all are going to turn out as hoped. For emerging US Artist ZOEY FLECK however an internship provided an experience enjoyed by host and internee – and one which leaves lasting impressions, both on paper and in the memory…


‘My alarm goes off at 6.00 am, groggily I roll out of bed and steel myself for the impending two hour drive in Atlanta rush hour traffic. When I reach my destination, I will immediately put four water bottles in the freezer to stay cool during the following hours I spend in the heat of a Georgia summer. At the end of the day, I will get in my car, blast the AC, queue some podcasts, and drive another two hours home.

And I signed up to do this… without pay.

Why did I choose to spend four hours a day in stop and go traffic and six sweaty hours interning an un-air-conditioned studio? No, it wasn’t for college credit. It was because I love printmaking and I love the Atlanta Printmakers Studio.

During the summer of 2019 I had the privilege of interning with the Atlanta Printmakers Studio. APS is a nonprofit studio space located in The MET, a gorgeous renovated industrial complex that many of Atlanta’s creatives call home. APS’s studio in particular is a dreamland of art energy. The walls are covered with prints and inspiration is boundless in the high-ceilinged, skylight lit studio.


As an APS intern, every day held a new opportunity to grow as a printmaker. One day, I carved linoleum for six hours straight and loved every minute (even with the hand cramps.) Another day I was tasked with prepping hundreds of letterpress bookmarks using APS’s gorgeous antique letterpress. I installed exhibitions, designed and screen printed merchandise, assisted with public outreach programming, and got to see a lot of beautiful prints made by talented APS renting artists.

I am immensely grateful for the experience I had as a studio intern for APS. The opportunity to witness passionate printmakers creating beautiful work was electric and indescribably motivating. This designated haven for printmaking is integral to our craft and I am honored to have been involved as a temporary, small piece in the vital organization that serves Atlanta’s printmaking community so well.’

You can follow the links here to both Atlanta Printmakers and to Zoey’s website and Instagram:

Atlanta Printmakers Studio

Zoey Fleck