Jon Greene’s passion for all things printmaking is obvious and to add to his skills he got the grand opportunity to take in the unique facilities, extraordinary team, energy and enthusiasm of the remarkable crew at the Tamarind Institute cradled in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tamarind is ‘one of a kind’ and clearly offers an amazing experience to all involved.

Here is Jon’s reflection….

Tamarind Institute is a professional lithography workshop, a school for lithography, and a print publisher. For eight months each year, students embark on an intense journey to learn to print professionally, collaborate with artists, and manage print shops. This past May, I completed the “Printer Training Program” with my seven peers.


The first semester of the program was a series of rigorous assignments. Each project provided a new technical experience and presented new problems that, once overcome, gained us new skills. While the goal was to create prints, every project facilitated specific processes such as color-matching, leafing, blends, or deletion. Importantly, we were instructed to make editions, meaning that a precise number of identical prints had to be generated with each project. As the semester went on, we became more consistent and efficient in our printing abilities.

We applied and practiced these technical skills the following semester when we were paired with MFA students and professional artist to print collaboratively. From January to May we each printed with a total of five artists, each collaboration teaching us more about the trade and the process. We left Tamarind with a solid portfolio of collaborations and a whole lot of experience.

Additionally, in our time at Tamarind, we were enrolled in an art history and arts business course in an effort to inform us about printing professionally. We were invited to the RAIR artist residency to gain the experience of establishing a lithography and intaglio studio for its residence. And, we were brought SGCI in Dallas where we were invited to make valuable printmaking connections (this is where I met Sarah from Cranfield!).

Tamarind gave me skills in collaboration, communication, printing, and process. But, it also gave me access to the greater printmaking community! I am now in my first year of graduate school at the University of Iowa, applying the technical skills I received at Tamarind to my art practice.

If you want to know more about the process of lithography or the great culture of Albuquerque then check out Tamarind’s website.

Cranfield have a tremendous regard for Tamarind as they continue to breathe life and inspiration into the wonderful discipline of Lithography!