Michael Craine



Michael remembers working in the factory during school holidays, but vowed never to make it a career! After studying ink & paint chemistry at Watford College, Michael worked initially in the paper industry before he took his father up on an offer to temporarily ‘fill in’ a role at Cranfield. This ‘temporary’ assignment has lasted nearly a lifetime!

He occasionally plays the village church organ where he has been described as having a unique ‘wine-bar style’. Michael is an enthusiastic member of the The European Artists’ Colour Makers Association (EuACA)

Rachel Rowe



Rachel has the ability to remain serenely calm, even on the busiest days – an invaluable skill in her role as Sales Manager and now as Sales Director at Cranfield where (with her team) Rachel oversees incoming orders and outgoing pallets whilst juggling delivery dates and deadlines. All this is done steadily, calmly and with an air of inexorability!

Away from work when Rachel isn’t chasing after her young family, Rachel derives great pleasure from her role as ‘adviser’ to Arsenal Football Club. This is not a paid position (nor are Arsenal aware of her advice), but it helps explain why Rachel can be heard shouting at the TV on most Saturdays through the football season…

Rachel Volpe



After studying accountancy at Exeter University, Rachel joined Cranfield in 1996 and was appointed as a Director some four year later. Rachel comes from a family who are all passionate followers of the games of Rugby and Cricket. This is a costly commitment as her devotion to these sports means Rachel will follow the Welsh Rugby team and the English Cricket team around the world. Rachel can often be heard discussing the finer points of an umpire or referee’s decision with male colleagues with such knowledge and insight as to astonish the most hardened full-back or scrum half or Silly Mid-off.

Paul Lee



Paul has spent his entire working life immersed in colour!

Firstly this was on an industrial scale, dealing with paints for battle ships, cruise liners and suspension bridges. Nowadays Paul doesn’t spare a second glance at a passing paint tanker, instead he turns his attention to the joys of ink and paint in small tubes for the artists’ community!

When not managing the varied technical aspects of the Cranfield Colours factory, Paul takes the motto ‘Sport for all’ seriously and does sufficient cycling, triathlon and ‘Iron man’ races to make us ALL feel better!