The highest quality primers, oils, mediums, thinners and varnish.

thixotropic alkyd primer
Cranfield Thixotropic Alkyd Primer

This is our multi-purpose primer for all types of oil painting, allowing paint to adhere consistently and offering an opaque gesso-like surface suitable for all types of painting supports.

Thixotropic means a fluid which is viscous but becomes freer-flowing when it is shaken or brushed on, and which returns to its viscous state over a predictable timescale when it comes to rest. These qualities are useful to artists in offering controllable application and reliable drying.

Oil primers are only suitable for use with oil paints. For acrylic painting, see our range of acrylic primers.

spectragel medium
Cranfield Spectragel Medium

This is a thixotropic alkyd medium designed to mix with oil colours, retaining the body of the paint. Spectragel is a gloss medium and is quick drying. It is a clear medium based on a synthetic resin that improves the weather resistance of oil colours; ideal for glazing and extending colours while retaining gloss and structure of paint.

matt spectragel medium
Cranfield Matt Spectragel Medium

This thixotropic alkyd is a medium designed to mix with oil colours, retaining the body of the paint. Matt Spectragel is a quick drying, clear, weather-resistant medium based on synthetic resin. Ideal for extending colours, Matt Spectragel Medium will retain structure and dry to a matt finish.

spectraflow medium
Cranfield Spectraflow Medium

This free flowing, slightly thixotropic medium is alkyd based and will not increase gloss when added to oil colours. It is quick drying.

alkaflow medium
Cranfield Alkaflow Medium

A free flowing, alkyd based, gloss medium which may be used to thin oil paints.
Alkaflow helps to remove brush strokes and give a smooth gloss finish. It is quick drying.

linseed oil paste medium
Cranfield Linseed Oil Paste Medium

An almost transparent painting medium based on refined linseed oil and alumina. It is similar in consistency to Studio Oil Colours in tubes. It does not promote quick drying and may be used to extend oil colours.

It can be used in large ratios however it is liable to increase yellowing and darkening of pale colours. It will not increase gloss.

beeswax in white spirit medium
Cranfield Beeswax in White Spirit Medium

A preparation of pure beeswax in white spirit, this is used to achieve a soft sheen on your finished painting.

It will retard drying, allowing you to achieve a range of effects.

refined linseed oil
Cranfield Refined Linseed Oil

Refined Linseed Oil is a general purpose oil filtered of any impurities. Slows drying.

cold pressed linseed oil
Cranfield Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

This is an untreated oil for use with high-quality oil paints. Artists agree that this oil creates films of greater flexibility with less tendency to brittleness. You can thin this product with turpentine or white spirit.

accelerated drying oil
Cranfield Accelerated Drying Oil

A linseed oil-based medium for speeding the drying time of oil paints. You can achieve effective results by using approximately 5% by paint volume.

Note that any oil paint which is encouraged to dry too quickly may be prone to wrinkling, so concentrations of accelerated drying oil above 5% are not advisable.

pure gum turpentine thinner
Cranfield Pure Gum Turpentine Thinner

A pure, non-recycled turpentine for reducing viscosity of oil colours and mediums. You can also use our turpentine for general cleaning of brushes, palettes, knives and other painting equipment.

low aromatic thinner
Cranfield Low Aromatic Thinner

Our low odour hydrocarbon-based solvent. A great way to reduce contact with the more volatile components found in turpentine. You can use our Non Aromatic Thinners for general cleaning of brushes, palettes, knives and other painting equipment as well as thinning oil colours.

This is especially important in commercial and educational institutions, reducing exposure to potentially harmful substances associated with other solvents. It is biodegradable and pleasant to use.

damar varnish
Cranfield Damar Varnish

This varnish is based on gum Damar resin in turpentine, and will give your work a low gloss.

It dries to a hard film with lower bloom than mastic varnish.

For best results, build up several thin layers and allow sufficient drying time between each. Damar Varnish is removable with turpentine or white

RESIN: Natural Gum Damar

SOLVENT: Turpentine