The perfect modifiers for a perfect print

Cranfield Printing Ink Modifier - Wiping Compound & Tack Reducer
Cranfield Wiping Compound & Tack Reducer

Our Cranfield Wiping Compound & Tack reducer is a multi purpose modifier for use with any of our Traditional oil-based printing inks including our range of Caligo Safe Wash Inks. It will reduce the tack and maintain the body of your ink. It will help etching inks wipe more easily. It will help improve the transfer of ink on smooth solid areas of colour. Add up to 3% by volume.

Cranfield Printmaking Ink Modifier - Caligo Safe Wash Oil
Cranfield Caligo Safe Wash Oil

Our specialist washable oil that you can add to your Safe Wash Inks when you need to thin and dilute your ink. It makes your inks thinner, reduces viscosity, increases flow and increases transparency.

This oil modifier is made with the same linseed oil medium we use to make the safe wash inks. It is therefore an ‘oily’ rather than ‘inky’ modifier. If you need to increase transparency but maintain the body of you ink use Caligo Safe Wash Extender.

Caligo Safe Wash Oil is Ideal for Monoprinting and Carborundum printing when you need to thin and dilute your inks
Also suitablle for Viscosity Printing applications when you need to reduce viscosity and increase the flow of your inks.

Cranfield Printmakers’ Wax Drier

This easy-to-use additive is compatible with any Cranfield or Caligo oil-based printmaking ink and, because it’s been formulated with a similar viscosity to most oil-based printmaking inks, the Printmakers’ Wax Drier paste can be mixed with ease into an ink on the slab with a pallet knife.

Packed in 75 ml tubes, add the wax drier to noticeably increase the speed of ink drying. In addition, the presence of a blended wax compound means that the finished print is more resistant to rubbing and marking over the longer term. The blend of driers is balanced to encourage surface drying of the printed ink film during initial ‘setting’, and the ‘through drying’ of the ink over the longer term.